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NopCommerce or Magento?

nopCommerce and Magento are open-source e-commerce platforms offering a substantial catalogue frontend as well as a sophisticated administration tool backend. While nopCommerce is an entirely free platform, Magento offers a community version that’s free and an enterprise version that isn’t.

Gaja Digital is now one among a handful of companies in the whole of Asia Pacific to be Silver Partner of nopCommerce. What does that mean? nopCommerce has certified Gaja Digital for our high level of expertise in implementing and managing large-volume e-commerce sites developed by the in-house ASP.NET (MVC) team. 

It’s highly unlikely that a client gets to choose between Magento and nopCommerce. It’s their technical backdrop that makes the decision for them. A Microsoft technology stack simply goes with nopCommerce and the LAMP stack with Magento. There’s no question about that. Yet, a theoretical comparison of nopCommerce and Magento’s community edition can be interesting to understand how there is no wrong answer to ‘what’s the best e-commerce platform?’

Let’s take a look around.

Solution complexity:

The nopCommerce package includes less than 100 default database tables while Magento offers thousands of database tables. As a humongous platform and with a complex architecture, Magento is of great interest only to large-scale retailers looking for an online footprint. NopCommerce on the other hand, is suitable for both gigantic and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to the easily manageable and necessary database tables.

Complexity in terms of hosting differs considerably too. nopCommerce has truly upped its game from version 3.4 onwards, with the latest being 3.80. Whereas, Magento’s large installation size and architecture designed for scalability places a lot of stress on traditional hosts.


nopCommerce has an easily maintainable plug-in architecture which allows you to effortlessly extend the functionality of a site. It also has a rather good reputation for how smoothly plug-ins can be personalised. With Magento however, developing and customising modules require highly experienced personnel. But, with a large community contributing towards modules, you are more likely to find what you need and what you’re looking for.

Hosting Charges:

Hosting on Windows operating system is usually more expensive than on Linux. Simply because the Windows packages include licensing cost while Linux being an open-source platform is free. However, while hosting a Magento site, the hosting savings get offset by Magento’s sheer size and footprint.

So, the perfect e-commerce platform for your business is clearly one that’s compatible with your existing technical framework and investment, despite the disadvantages it may come with. Which is why we bet on both leaders of the e-commerce platform market. And in case you have limited expertise in handling backend work and want to run a low-volume site on a low budget, there’s always WooCommerce and Prestashop solutions that we offer. If that’s not enough, our Zend-certified engineers can build you a website that’s truly tailor-made for your business.

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Piyush Punam - Community Manager Gaja
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6/6/2017 6:39:15 AM
Tushar soni
Nice blog!! Superb article which will help you to choose between Magento and noPcommerce. Thanks for sharing!!
6/6/2017 5:59:41 AM

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