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8 Reasons to Choose SendInBlue over MailChimp

At Gaja, we’ve worked with top email marketing solutions, particularly MailChimp, SendInBlue and Mailigen, over the last years, and we'd like to share our experience in comparing these three applications.

Actually, all three platforms are reliable and offer users strict spam protection, with powerful algorithm to detect frauds. This is indeed good news for genuine senders who comply with anti-spam laws.               

MailChimp’s powerful interface excels in DIY email marketing campaigns. Start-ups will appreciate its attractive free starter plan as well. Also, MailChimp clearly comes out as the leader when it comes to customer support. So, for not so complex integrations, we recommend MailChimp, if the subscriber-based pricing model is not an issue.

Mailigen seems like an equally good platform and is rapidly coming up with many new features like Social Media integration, in addition to the features supported by SendInBlue, but we are yet to test all the features and the APIs – expect a review soon!

SendInBlue emerged as the platform of choice for more complex integration requirements. Some of the most elaborate e-Commerce websites we’ve built with nopCommerce as well as high volume gaming websites with PHP Zend rely on SendInBlue for their email marketing/transactional SMTP needs. SendInBlue also boasts of advanced automated workflow features.

Here are 8 reasons that explain why SendInBlue comes out on top, in our opinion.

  1. A pricing model based on the number of emails, not the number of subscribers
    • Benefit: no pressure to reduce the number of subscribers to stay within the plan.
  2. Robust API integration
    • You can push your auto-generated CSV file with the contact list from your database directly to SendInBlue, which will then merge template fields with individual records.
    • You’d like a contact to be automatically added to a predefined dynamic list if the person indicates a preference are you for a specific sporting activity, for example? Entirely possible, via precise API integration!
    • How about a lower volume of communications between your campaign solution and your webserver?
  3. No more inconsistent email designs across transactional and marketing emails
    • All emails (even transactional text messages) can use one integrated platform.
    • Want to use Amazon SES for transactional emails and Mailchimp for marketing campaigns? This works well, but could create inconsistent templates unless closely managed. With SendInBlue, however, you can move the entire template management to SendInBlue, even for transactional emails.
    • Imagine that unsubscribe link doesn’t work after a patch-fix! This unlikely to happen with SendInBlue since marketers can manage both transactional email templates and marketing newsletters.
  4. Finer control across campaigns
    • Got several campaigns running in parallel, but don’t want the user to get multiple emails from different campaigns at once? SendInBlue makes it possible to control this entirely.
    • Would like to Queue up your marketing campaign before or after transactional emails? Would you prefer sending a Transactional SMS in parallel? Yes, entirely possible in SendInBlue. In short, un-paralleled control when all three types of campaigns are supported in one platform
  5. Easy management of multiple accounts
    • Multiple high volume websites (e.g. several regional sites of a global corporation) can be brought under a single account. SendInBlue seamlessly scales up to millions of records.
    • Each website can have its own dedicated IP, thus the reputation of one IP cannot impact the other. Dashboards make it possible to view IP reputation of individual websites in real-time.
    • Multiple websites in one account makes it possible to achieve cost benefits for high volume pricing, thus supporting economies of scale.
  6. Precise bi-directional sync to help keep list management costs in check
    • With SendInBlue, you can achieve two-way synchronization between the website’s database and the SendInBlue Database.
    • Synchronize contacts from multiple websites.
    • Synchronize hard-bounces, complaints and unsubscribe users back into respective website databases.
    • Advanced list segmentation filters available.
    • Website un-subscribes and campaign unsubscribes can be bi-directionally synched
    • Automated list updates translate into considerable time savings.
  7. Robust anti-spam infrastructure
    • Spam and anti-spam are multi-billion industries. But your newsletter/campaign is less likely to hit the spam folder with SendInBlue:
    • You can make use of the most advanced email authentication technologies available, e.g. DMARC.
    • APIs allow advanced and precise bi-directional sync for all types of blacklisted contacts.
  8. And finally – seamless, user-friendly integration with Salesforce and other CRMs!


Punam, Community Manager - Gaja Digital
Hey Jay, It is possible to edit MailChimp or SendInBlue contact list user preferences using APIs of SendInBlue or MailChimp. If you have any requirements please share with us and we will suggest the best possible approach for your requirement
1/5/2017 3:35:03 AM
Jay Wasack
Is there a method with sendInBlue or MC for that matter for a customer to edit their contact information? We collect information such as interests in the form and would like to store that so we can target mailings based on those choices. Is there a way for the person to edit their choices after they have subscribed to the list? Thank you.
12/3/2016 5:02:15 PM

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