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5 reasons we’re excited about the Zend Framework

I’ve recently had the pleasure of joining the Gaja Digital team as Community Manager, and chatting with different groups I sense a wave of excitement in the company about the Zend-certified engineers we also have on board.

I wanted to know what the buzz was about, so I could share the team’s excitement with you. 

The open-source PHP framework is a top-of-the-charts, comprehensive catalogue of enterprise-grade, high-performance web application templates and features.

What it boils down to is that Gaja Digital has chosen to work with the Zend Framework for 5 main reasons. 

  1. Despite the fact that Zend is open-source, Zend Framework is backed by a strong, financially powerful company, the Zend Foundation. This means more consistency in terms of quality and functionalities. As clients, we can also expect much more than an ephemeral technology. What’s more, Zend has a culture for encouraging the large community of independent developers to contribute towards building the framework.That does sound like a healthy balance.

  2. Zend offers what is probably the best-structured and targeted certification program in the industry today, from a fundamentals and advanced courses designed for experienced PHP programmers to integrated packages with hands-on exercises.

  3. Additionally, the certification is an undisputable industry benchmark among PHP programmers (including those who work with other frameworks). Zend solutions have been deployed in more than 40,000 companies, including some of the world’s leading brands such as BNP Paribas, Best Buy, GE, and Prada. That’s a whole empire right there, and Gaja Digital is excited to offer what is by far the most effective [qualify] solution.

  4. Technically speaking, the Zend framework certainly packs considerable potential, and the company recently announced the launch of Zend Framework 3 for next October. Having foreseen the changes in the PHP ecosystem, the framework promises to be optimized for PHP 7. This means we’re working with a software solution that’s not only efficient but also has a well-defined roadmap for the future.

  5. Zend is primarily a component-oriented framework, but the upcoming version takes things one step further by separating components into specific libraries. This provides it with enough agility to let components evolve within a stable framework, as they will be:

    -Individually handpicked for the task at hand with no need to deploy the entire framework

    -Efficiently maintained, through targeted and localized adjustments that won’t disrupt the overall framework

    -Discontinued, if no longer relevant, or individually improved/rewritten for performance or flexibility reasons – without touching neighboring components that are stable and don’t need tweaking.

    Maleva Robert | Social Media Manager

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