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Programming in Swift for IOS devices – Why do it?

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Developer Summit 2015 Conference in Bangalore (1/5)

It was great to tag along with the Gaja Digital Agency mobile team to attend the MODS conference which took place at the Indian institute of Science on the 15th-16th Oct 2015. Two intense fun-filled days awaited us with a good balance of serious business and fun.

The learning curve was really on the higher side with the latest trends that are rocking the mobile industry these days (and to a larger extent the internet). Some of these sessions, made us realize that Gaja Digital is on the right track, thanks to investments in a strategic choice of technologies. We also got insights on the next big trends that we need to focus on to stay in the game.

Well, I had quite a few interesting takeaways from this conference. Let me share them with you in a series of 5 posts. Let’s start with: (drum roll)

  1.        Coding swiftly with Swift

Is there a better way to start a mobile conference than to let Daniel Steinberg deliver the first keynote? I don’t think so. I was glued to his slides and his speech the whole 60 mins. Oh wait, who is Daniel? He is just the yoda of Iphone, Cocoa and Swift programming. If you code for devices in the Apple ecosystem you have heard of him. If you have not, take a look at

In his talk, Daniel draws comparisons between writing beautiful code and writing a story. You can write it like a novel, you can write it like a poem, or you can write it like a Haiku. That’s what Swift is. A Haiku in the world of long boring codes. This is a relatively new language and while most IOS developers are still coding in objective-C, at Gaja Digital we have already adopted this language. We are very happy to see that our strategic decisions-making and actions over the past few months will be rewarded in the near future as the world will inevitably shift to Swift.

Why is everyone so excited about Swift? Does it make sense for us to hop on this technological bandwagon?

From a business perspective, Swift helps to shorten both the sales cycle and the time to market.

Less time to market:

Swift helps you

Build apps faster

With less code.

How about that for a first Haiku?

Interactive playgrounds: Would you think that adopting or switching to Swift would be a difficult task, as for every new language? Apple has done its best to fasten your learning curve through Playgrounds. The beauty of the whole thing is that, you can write the code on one side of the screen and see its result on the other side. Testing your code will be a piece of cake now. Can you imagine that?

Swift will soon be open source: Yes, you got it right, Apple is going the open source way. Even though, Apple is known to hold its cards close to its heart, there is a plan, around end of the year, to open the Swift programming language to the world. Quite a revolution, isn’t it?

In other words, that’s the best opportunity for all sorts of geeks to keep Swift alive, enhance, document it and add value.

Wait, here comes the cherry on the cake. Guess, what? Very soon, you will even be able to code for Android using Swift!

So to conclude my long post, I can state that we, at Gaja Digital take pride in being early adopters of Swift. Investing in this game-changing technology is a key area for growth.  Our team has already successfully developed an interesting application to be released shortly … Swift is paving way to a great future, it is now in the top 20 of the developer research firm RedMonk's “Programming Language Rankings”.

Mobile Developer Summit

More on Swift and our Mobile team in our future blog posts. Meanwhile in the days to come, keep an eye out for blog posts on the following topics:

Stay tuned! And feel free to talk to us by commenting on our blog. We will be happy to hear from you.

Vincent Naveen │International Project Manager 

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