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NopCommerce’s Latest Upgrade is a Community Tech Conference

A couple of weeks ago, nopCommerce, the open-source e-commerce software, hosted its very first tech event called NopDevDay. The nopCommerce conference was organized in Amsterdam, Netherlands by the company’s dedicated team of developers, nopAholics.

As Gold Partners of nopCommerce we are particularly reassured by the software’s strongest points presented (vs. the brand’s primary competitors) and impressed by the team’s strategies for building a stronger community to sustain growth of this widely used open-source software. 

The hackathon and panel discussion were modelled to have both a hands-on experience, like building a plug-in in 2 hours as well as an interactive session that touched upon architecture improvement, code contribution and encouraged an overall exchange of ideas.

Looking at the success of this first event and the feedback, nopCommerce’s founder and lead developer, Andrei Mazulnitsyn already announced big plans to host two 2-day conferences annually. He plans to cover the needs of the developers in a day and dedicate the other to user experience, marketing and guidance for partners.

If you’d like to catch the different talks and presentations at the conference, click here.

Maleva Robert | Social Media Manager

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