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PHP 7, an Upgrade We’ve All Been Waiting For

The widely discussed version of PHP is finally out!  After a long discussion on why not to name it PHP 6, the latest version called PHP 7 has been released. The team of Zend-certified engineers at Gaja Digital is looking forward to the PHP 7 experience.  After a quick chat with them, I see that overall, it’s going to make life easier and faster.

Here’s what the team thinks are the major performance enhancements in PHP 7:

  • The Zend Powered language comes with a brand new Zend Engine, a highly optimized open-source execution engine.Though Zend Engine has been powering PHP for a while now, the latest version, PHPNG extends the functionality of the PHP language further making it twice as fast at PHP 5.6

  • This version comes with an optimized memory usage and Just-in-Time Compilation (JiT). Which means, by using PHP 7 our engineers’ codes will be executed faster than before, with a much better performance. The new features would make applications more scalable, and  help us deliver the project to our clients faster!

  • The latest PHP version uses fewer resources on the server side. How does it help ? Well, the great news is that servicing the same amount of user would be better, and this will push the performance potential to a totally different level.

  • Version 7 is based on an Abstract Syntax Tree which is a more consistent variable syntax. This is practical for anyone building add-on tools or conducting static analysis or profiling.

  • This version also allows developers to declare the kind of Return Type a function needs to have, a lot like Argument Type Hints.  What’s more, Argument Type Hints and Return Type support new scalar types, so developer can denote strings, floats or bools that need to be passed or returned.

There are plenty of other tweaks and improvements (like tools to detect bugs more easily) that have a direct and positive impact on the performance of PHP 7. For advice on your business needs regarding the Zend Framework or our PHP developers, do write us

By Maleva Robert and our Zend expert team

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