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Is NopCommerce 3.7 just in time to boost your business online?


A great moment for all of us who have been waiting for it. The big news is that the NopCommerce team recently announced the latest version, NopCommerce 3.7. 

The much awaited version, with exciting new features, bug fixes, and enhancements come right on time, a bit like a Christmas gift, I should say. Well, considering that our end-users would start building their wish list soon, let us start our discovery journey. Would like to know what is there in store?

NopCommerce comes with a host of well-designed features. Some of their most-talked-about features are: the range of responsive default themes; the provision for search engine optimization; the plugins for several payment gateways; flexibly of the solution that allows for customization and more. The latest version of this ecommerce service only gets better; along with the usual bug fixes and usability updates, NopCommerce 3.7 has a range of performance enhancements.

Here’s what stands out for us:

Improved Performance and Security:

The latest version NopCommerce upgrade comes with many tweaks in terms of caching discounts, and the core caching scheme to prevent deadlocks. They have also introduced additional attack preventions specific to cross-site request forgery attack.  Even your HTTPS support has been improved to facilitate hosting distinct hosting companies.

Improvements a Store Owner Will Appreciate:

  • The Access Control List now not only lets the store owner allow or restrict access to a particular topic on a page, but also customize the look to speak directly to a certain group of users. Say you have a specific message for your vendors or a special offer/sale just for your premium users, you speak only to those relevant users!

  • A store owner can now apply discounts to a category and subcategories. This prevents you from applying the discount individually to every category, a more efficient way to manage discounts and categories

  • Now that you can mark a fresh product as ‘NEW’, it makes it possible to manage a range of new products on the ‘New Products’ page

  • With NopCommerce 3.7, the user experience is straightforward. While purchasing a product from your ecommerce website, the user views only the Conditional Attribute relevant to his/her previously selected Attribute. For example, if the user has opted to customize the product by adding say a text/image, only then does the slot to asking for the text or/image appear

  • This version introduces a new catalogue setting to view unpublished products and search crawlers will not affect the SEO when a product is temporarily unpublished

  • With NopCommerce 3.7, there is a provision for vendors to register for a vendor account from the public store

  • Bookkeeping of vendor’s record gets more organized with the option to add notes. This function can help with keeping track vendor payouts, for example.

As Gold Partners of NopCommerce we’ve got to keep track of the latest developments in the ecommerce space and NopCommerce is rarely disappointing. In addition to the NopCommerce team, the highly active community of contributors keep the solution and its catalogue of plugins growing. We think NopCommerce 3.7 is the way to go for a fluid ecommerce website. If you have any questions on your NopCommerce website, write to us and we’ll be happy to help.

By Maleva Robert | Social Media Manager

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